WordPress Framework State of Mind

Shortly after finding WordPress I was exposed to theme frameworks. Like every other blogging noob, I read all I could from Problogger in one sitting.

I couldn’t help but notice the post footer advertisement for the Genesis Framework… so I checked it out.

I did all the research I could. Based on information I don’t remember, I decided that I needed to use a framework. It was between Genesis and Thesis. I chose Thesis.

I’ve used both frameworks over the last 4 years and I’ve even built my own. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to try WordPress without a framework.

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A Message to Budding Developers Using WordPress

I’m a noob. There’s no doubt about it. I still run to Twitter for help with what most developers consider basic. I’m cool with that, though, because I know something that other budding developers don’t.

You don’t have to know shit to build an application for WordPress. All you have to do is be resourceful.

Before going any further, understand that I am not supporting crappy work. This is not an excuse to slap something together without any thought just to make a quick buck.

What I’m basically saying is that you don’t even have to know PHP to build something for WordPress.

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Leverage the Internet for Profit

The internet is awesome because of its reach. That means it doesn’t matter if you’re selling fuzzy socks or software, you can use the internet to get it done. Tap into your skills and use leverage provided by the internet to make a living. Your creativity and willingness to take risks will bridge the gap between real world talent and cyber world profits.

Codrops Tutorials and Collectives

I know I’m not the only Codrops fan out here. These folks always have the coolest web development tutorials, demos, and resources.

What I like most about the site is their “Collective” series.

As expected, it’s a collection of badass websites and resources for the web development community. I once submitted Volatyl to be part of a Collective but I don’t know if it made the cut. 🙂

Anyway, another Collective is out today and they’re worth paying attention to. Even if there’s nothing you like in there, the tutorials can keep you entertained for days.

Codrops Tutorials – Codrops Collectives

Strava Cycling and Running Application

I don’t care what anyone says or what I have never used before. Strava is outstanding.

It’s an app for GPS recording your cycling activity with running as a secondary function. It’s so smooth. It’s orange (orange on websites moves me). Its website is just as awesome as the app. What move could you ask for?

Follow me on Strava. If you’re not a member, become one.

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New Fitness Forums

I’ve decided to start a fitness forum on here. I workout just as often as I code so it only makes sense that my personal blog cover both areas.

The forums are simple and integrated right here on the site. I don’t care if a person is into fitness or not. It’s not a fad or an activity that only a certain type of people should do. It’s health and it’s important to everyone… period.

If you know you’ve been slacking, hop onboard. If you already live the lifestyle, come add some value to the group. From workout regimens to diet and nutrition, I want to discuss it all.

Free Fitness Forums

Coders Need to Workout. Plain and Simple.

Here’s something cool about the human body the most people ignore. Your body gets better at everything it does repeatedly.

Simple shit, right? Of course it is. We’ve all experienced this whether it be playing a sport or tying shoestrings.

There’s a problem, though. The body also gets better at being a bum.

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Underscores Full Width HTML Starter Theme

Who uses the Underscores starter theme by Automattic? I do.

Yup. I have my own framework. I don’t use it for every WordPress theme project, though. I only use it for the jobs that call for its features… as you should with your framework of choice.

Getting back to _s, every time I use it I have to tweak the HTML just a little bit before I get started with anything else. That’s annoying and I’ve done it for the last time.

I made my simple adjustments and uploaded it to Github for everyone else to take advantage of. A description of the changes are in its README.md file. Enjoy.

Underscores (_s) Full-width HTML Starter Theme

WordPress Admin Style Buttons

I don’t know about you all but I’m kind of into the WordPress admin button styles. They don’t fit every design, obviously, but I think their simplicity is on point.

Since I’m using the Twenty Twelve theme with my own custom child theme, I decided to use the WordPress admin buttons as my front-end buttons.

I tweaked font sizes and a few other little things but I kept them intact for the most part. The icons are not part of this CSS. Those are from Font Awesome.

Here’s the CSS:

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