My Quick Thoughts on Building a WordPress Business

“Okay first of all, Sean, who the hell are you to talk about building a WordPress business? You have websites, guy… not a business.”

I know. Shut up.

Anyway, what kind of businesses thrive in the WordPress space is something that has been on my mind lately. It’s pretty clear to me what works long-term, what’s constantly part of the “hot or not” game, and what no one cares about at all.

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What’s Your Desk Situation?

For those of you who are developers like me and work at a computer for hours upon hours every day, what’s your desk setup? Are you standing? Sitting in a badass chair? Using an exercise ball? Walking around the room vocalizing code while your assistant types it?

Sitting is killing my back and standing was killing my knees (and workflow). Let me know below what you’re into.