Learning JavaScript with Treehouse

Every time I say I am “learning JavaScript,” it feels funny because of all the experience I have with the language. I also feel uneasy using those words because I’m pretty sure people think I already know it.

The truth is I can only edit JS when I need to. I very rarely write it from scratch.

This is nothing new for most developers. Those of us who are self-taught were most likely to have time periods like this with each language that we now write fluently. It’s just part of the natural progression when you understand coding philosophies that¬†stretch from one language to another but vary in syntax.

A couple of months ago, I decided to create an account with Treehouse. I’m very pleased so far… mainly because walking through the JS courses have opened my eyes to my own issues that keep me from progressing like I should.

If you ask me right now if I write JS, I’ll probably tell you I don’t.¬†But every time I sit down to study JS, it seems that I don’t learn anything new. What’s going on there?

I’ll tell you… it’s called psyching myself out. I convince myself that I don’t know JS because I never write it from scratch. No more of that mess.

I’m going to finish this course with Treehouse because it’s cool and I like the lessons. But it’s time to officially add JS to the list of other languages that don’t scare me away every time I have to write them.

Can you relate?