Underscores Full Width HTML Starter Theme

Who uses the Underscores starter theme by Automattic? I do.

Yup. I have my own framework. I don’t use it for every WordPress theme project, though. I only use it for the jobs that call for its features… as you should with your framework of choice.

Getting back to _s, every time I use it I have to tweak the HTML just a little bit before I get started with anything else. That’s annoying and I’ve done it for the last time.

I made my simple adjustments and uploaded it to Github for everyone else to take advantage of. A description of the changes are in its README.md file. Enjoy.

Underscores (_s) Full-width HTML Starter Theme

WordPress Admin Style Buttons

I don’t know about you all but I’m kind of into the WordPress admin button styles. They don’t fit every design, obviously, but I think their simplicity is on point.

Since I’m using the Twenty Twelve theme with my own custom child theme, I decided to use the WordPress admin buttons as my front-end buttons.

I tweaked font sizes and a few other little things but I kept them intact for the most part. The icons are not part of this CSS. Those are from Font Awesome.

Here’s the CSS:

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It’s all my content and I should be in control of it.

Here’s the thing… the internet is a pretty big part of my life. I’m on it every single day and constantly pushing content to it.

Blog posts, tweets, statuses, images, whatever… I’m always publishing something and much of it gets lost in history. That’s silly.

I was having lunch with friends a few months ago and a buddy of mine planted the idea in my head that I should be in control of it all. He was right and it’s been on my mind since.

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Wrap Article Headings In Anchor Tags

A problem I used to run into was having linked, multi-line article titles allowing an unanchored gap between lines. The problem came and went depending on the font.

In HTML5, you can wrap inline elements around block elements. This means you can wrap article headings in anchor tags.

<a href="#"><h1>The Super Long Article Title</h1></a>

When you do that, the entire block level element (the heading) becomes clickable.

I do it this way on my personal sites now. Use your browser to inspect my anchored post titles.

Bring on the drama, old HTML doctypers.