What’s Your Desk Situation?

For those of you who are developers like me and work at a computer for hours upon hours every day, what’s your desk setup? Are you standing? Sitting in a badass chair? Using an exercise ball? Walking around the room vocalizing code while your assistant types it?

Sitting is killing my back and standing was killing my knees (and workflow). Let me know below what you’re into.

No More Facebook for This Guy

This is not my first time leaving. I left a few years ago, too. Then, I owned a Facebook Page that I continued to maintain. Back then you could do that. However, many restrictions were placed on the Page admin that I interpreted as punishment for not having a personal profile. So I came back. That’s the profile most of you were friends with.

This time around, I don’t have a Facebook Page [that I care about]. I have a Facebook Group – Health & Fitness Collaborators. In this context, the difference between a Page and a Group is that the Group will not just delete itself when I leave. It would either be passed on to other admins or go to the most active members.

Andrew was HF Collab’s only admin besides me. That means the group belongs to him now. He is free to do whatever he chooses with it. For as long as it exists, I am more than willing to be active here in the community. Obviously, I just won’t be active on Facebook.

That’s all I’ve got, folks! Leave a comment below if you have words for me. Also, I’d be more than willing to connect with you all on Twitter, Instagram, or Google+.

What’s the Big Deal?

Someone asked me in a private conversation why I give a damn about other people’s health and what they eat. It’s simple. I’ve been to a few different countries in my life and believe it or not, there are civilized nations on this Earth where being overweight is so incredibly rare. It’s one of the first things I noticed when I got to South Korea.

To me, that means it’s a choice to Americans although it may not feel like it to the average citizen. Before I made my way around the world, I thought that what I saw in my society was more or less the same for every modern nation. Nope. It’s not. And until you’ve seen it with your own eyes, you have no reason to wonder if you’ve been conditioned, fed nonsense, or intentionally fluffed up in the name of corporate greed from the food industry to the medical industry.

How can I see this and not inform my people? Check statistics if you have to. Travel if you can. I’m telling you, folks, the fact that our nation abuses the fuck out of a fiat currency opens up the door to all kinds of evil shit. When the money is limitless, those who have the stomach to acquire wealth at the expense of your health WILL do it… and there’s nothing in place to stop them.

There’s a lot going on in this world and let’s not forget that I’ve had the privilege of seeing lots of it through my travels with the Army as well as my own dedicated research. If you haven’t, you can either listen to me or you can admit that you just don’t give a damn about the truth I’m spreading. But you can’t make up in your own mind that I preach just to put you down. That’s nonsense and I’m not taking responsibility for your sensitivity.

2014 Fitness Goals

Check it out. I’m not really a new year’s resolution type of guy (anymore). I haven’t done that in a year or two. I made it clear back then that it would be my last year participating in what I think is nothing more than a feel-good approach to procrastination.

Instead, I decided to take the foundations of what would have been my resolutions and worked on making them different elements of my overall lifestyle (think about that).

At this point, I think I’ve succeeded with fitness. It has leaked off into how I eat, how I think, my priorities, what attracts me to certain women, where I choose to live, and many other areas.

So while I do have certain fitness goals, they’re always short term. Whether I have a goal or not, I’m going to stay fit. So I leave it at that and consistency takes the wheel.

How about you? Do you set long term fitness goals or embrace the lifestyle? Both?

Strava Cycling and Running Application

I don’t care what anyone says or what I have never used before. Strava is outstanding.

It’s an app for GPS recording your cycling activity with running as a secondary function. It’s so smooth. It’s orange (orange on websites moves me). Its website is just as awesome as the app. What move could you ask for?

Follow me on Strava. If you’re not a member, become one.

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New Fitness Forums

I’ve decided to start a fitness forum on here. I workout just as often as I code so it only makes sense that my personal blog cover both areas.

The forums are simple and integrated right here on the site. I don’t care if a person is into fitness or not. It’s not a fad or an activity that only a certain type of people should do. It’s health and it’s important to everyone… period.

If you know you’ve been slacking, hop onboard. If you already live the lifestyle, come add some value to the group. From workout regimens to diet and nutrition, I want to discuss it all.

Free Fitness Forums

Coders Need to Workout. Plain and Simple.

Here’s something cool about the human body the most people ignore. Your body gets better at everything it does repeatedly.

Simple shit, right? Of course it is. We’ve all experienced this whether it be playing a sport or tying shoestrings.

There’s a problem, though. The body also gets better at being a bum.

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