No More @sdavismedia on Twitter (no more social media)

No big deal… I’m just tired of using it the way I have been. Likewise, I don’t care to take some kind of self-improvement approach to change the way I use it. Unfollows, mutes, and all of that jazz is a waste of my time.

My personal Twitter account goes where Facebook went almost two years ago… in the history books.

I still have @volatylwp and @buildwpyourself. They’re focused, obviously. It’s not hard to find me, especially if you’re here already.

Also, I like Skype. sdavis2702

Talk soon.

Edit – April 2017

No more social media period. No, nothing happened. Yes, I am fine. I’ve just grown out of the social media era. I honestly feel like everyone else will too. I’m just not the type to ignore my feelings on it and wait for the masses to shift.

Reach out to me if you want to talk to me. You know… like the old days.

Author: sdavis2702

I'm a simple guy. I like to code and I like to workout. I'm all about growth and just about everything else is nonsense in my book.

15 thoughts on “No More @sdavismedia on Twitter (no more social media)”

  1. Hey Sean, you surely never play games whenever you decide something is starting to get on your way right?

    I’ve never told you this but I envy your ways with discipline and self-control and even though you must be pretty aware of this already, it’s still something worth mentioning to those that don’t know you that well yet.

    I was going to mention maybe you developed this from being in the army but I hardly doubt it, it seems to be so ingrained in you that I think it’s a “Sean’s thing” instead.

    Keep up the awesome work man; even if you end up not being on twitter at all, I’m sure people will figure out where to find you online no matter how many social media accounts you decide to close LOL

    Btw, great work speaks by itself and it’s never hard to find online, take care man and keep doing your thing!


    1. Yo! What’s up, Sergio?!

      Thanks for the kind words, man. Yea… I was a weirdo before the Army LOL. I just don’t care for being drained my something daily. If it annoys me consistently, chances are I’m going to leave it in the past. That goes for people, websites, habits, physical locations, and anything else you can think of.

      With my other Twitter accounts, I’ll be more focused but tweet wayyy less. And I won’t be using them to socialize at all. Like you said, people know how to find me.

      Thanks again for commenting. I’ll definitely see you around!

  2. Now it all makes sense. I recently cleared out over 100 from my following and wondered what happened.

    I’ll admit most of my time spent on social media is an absolute waste, but I have enough fun to keep Twitter around. It also brings me a good number of people to my videos, but that’s just me.

    Also, your site is super clean on mobile. Nice!

    1. Yea I wasn’t using @sdavismedia for anything important so it had to go. It sucks that I built my following on that account but oh well. If it was really valuable to me I would have used it differently. Lesson learned!

  3. The timeline is a bit different without you in it, but I completely get your decision.

    At least you’re still blogging so I can follow along here :).

  4. Dang man,

    My Twitter feed feels lonelier now, real talk. I get it though.

    Wish I could do the same but the social media always seems to lure me back. Crazy you’re still going strong with deactivating Facebook.

    I will hit ya up here or on Skype-(relosmot) in the future.

    1. Oh yea man… I completely forget that Facebook exists. It left literally no void in my life and I was pretty active. Crazy.

      Absolutely, man, hit me up any time. Here. Skype. Email. Wherever. Thanks for the comment!

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