I Submitted My Plugins to WordPress

Woopty-fucking-doo, right? I know. Screw you for agreeing… but I know.

I’ve been hanging around WordPress for a while now. From tweaking frameworks to freelancing web design to building standalone themes and now shifting focus to plugins, I like growing in this space.

Just recently I decided to launch a new site called Build WordPress Yourself (BWPY). I wanted to launch with two themes and a plugin. None of them existed when I came up with the plan so I had to create them.

I had a lot of motivation for creating the plugin. I actually needed to use it on BWPY so it was being built no matter what.

It’s called Simple Course Creator (SCC). It’s a very simple way to link WordPress posts together in a series and then output that complete series list in each post that’s included.

SCC was up for about a month before I finally decided to submit it to WordPress. I think I was a little scared that I wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibility if it were to become popular. Who knows if that’s true or not? It shouldn’t matter, though. Plugins are meant to be used so I decided to get over it.

I got a little submission happy and submitted my second plugin just a few moments later. It’s called Simple Course Creator Customizer. It’s an add-on plugin for SCC that adds settings to the WordPress customizer allowing you to implement basic styles for your post lists.

While it wasn’t an absolutely necessary plugin, I wanted to set the pace for SCC’s future, which is to be extended in multiple directions for enhanced functionality. Creating courses with post lists is the base. Add-ons, which will eventually be distributed for pay, is what I expect to take SCC to the next level.

Submitting it to WordPress is the first step in the process. I need to create a demand for more features that can be created through add-ons. Most of these features I don’t even know how to build yet. That’s what this is all about, though. Moving forward.

Lookout for Simple Course Creator on WordPress. It’s the first of my many WordPress plugins to come.

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