Quota for Easy Digital Downloads

So I’ve been into using standalone WordPress themes instead of frameworks lately. It’s fun.

I recently created a theme for use with Easy Digital Downloads for WordPress. The design is super simple and ready to be used as is or for selling digital products with EDD.

It won’t be the last one I create for EDD but if you’re a user, or you sell digital products with another plugin, consider trying EDD (it’s free) with the new Theme… Quota.

Quota for Easy Digital Downloads

A Message to Budding Developers Using WordPress

I’m a noob. There’s no doubt about it. I still run to Twitter for help with what most developers consider basic. I’m cool with that, though, because I know something that other budding developers don’t.

You don’t have to¬†know shit to build an application for WordPress. All you have to do is be resourceful.

Before going any further, understand that I am not supporting crappy work. This is not an excuse to slap something together without any thought just to make a quick buck.

What I’m basically saying is that you don’t even have to know PHP to build something for WordPress.

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