2014 Fitness Goals

Check it out. I’m not really a new year’s resolution type of guy (anymore). I haven’t done that in a year or two. I made it clear back then that it would be my last year participating in what I think is nothing more than a feel-good approach to procrastination.

Instead, I decided to take the foundations of what would have been my resolutions and worked on making them different elements of my overall lifestyle (think about that).

At this point, I think I’ve succeeded with fitness. It has leaked off into how I eat, how I think, my priorities, what attracts me to certain women, where I choose to live, and many other areas.

So while I do have certain fitness goals, they’re always short term. Whether I have a goal or not, I’m going to stay fit. So I leave it at that and consistency takes the wheel.

How about you? Do you set long term fitness goals or embrace the lifestyle? Both?

No Refunds After Support

I wrote a post on SDavis Media (previously published here) about digital product refund policies and whether or not they were driven by the products themselves or trends.

Check it out: Digital Product Refund Periods: Is the “Standard” Just a Trend?

I’m thinking about adding to my refund policy. If you’ve requested support through my support forums and it’s not an installation issue, you get no refund.

A refund after I’ve allowed you to test my software and use my brain juice seems pointless. What do you think?

Building a WordPress Theme or Plugin Business

Yup. I like to build WordPress themes. It’s no secret. I sell them too.

What you probably didn’t know is that I only use one tool to do everything. It’s just one core plugin and all of its extensions that give me what I need.

I talked about it on one of my other websites. Read it the article… now.

How to Build a WordPress Theme Business

Business is Business… or Whatever

Pride kills… sometimes. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from building Volatyl, it’s that no one really gives a shit how I feel about anything. People care about what they care about and that’s all.

I’m not speaking out of frustration. It has nothing to do with Volatyl sales, which are perfectly fine. This isn’t even the result of a nasty disagreement with an asshole customer.

This is about potential versus reality… and knowing the obvious differences between the two.

Here’s the deal.

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