Look Through Your Old, Active Code

Honestly, I don’t know if I’m talking to everyone or just myself. It doesn’t really matter, though. Every developer needs to go back and look at his or her old code if it’s still in use and supported.

I don’t know about you all but I code something every damn day. That means I learn something new every damn day. While not everything I learn requires a change in the way I do things, the culmination of things learned over time change the way I approach code.

I go back and look at some of my old code and have no choice but to switch it up a bit. It’s not only because I don’t like my old approaches, but also because I’m still supporting that old code.

Why create more work for myself in support? Why maintain funky knowledge when it can be a thing of the past? It just doesn’t make sense to ignore.

If your overall setup can afford to be updated without a bunch of customers protesting outside of your development shop, go back, look at your old code, and make sure it’s what you would have written today if you had the same tasks.

You’re only making things better for everyone and you’re getting more coding reps in.

Alright, back to work.

I Submitted My Plugins to WordPress

Woopty-fucking-doo, right? I know. Screw you for agreeing… but I know.

I’ve been hanging around WordPress for a while now. From tweaking frameworks to freelancing web design to building standalone themes and now shifting focus to plugins, I like growing in this space.

Just recently I decided to launch a new site called Build WordPress Yourself (BWPY). I wanted to launch with two themes and a plugin. None of them existed when I came up with the plan so I had to create them.

I had a lot of motivation for creating the plugin. I actually needed to use it on BWPY so it was being built no matter what.

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Build WordPress Yourself

Yes, it’s true. I have approximately 46 million websites… give or take a few.

I have another one to introduce you to. It’s called “Build WordPress Yourself.” It’s 100% dedicated to building websites with WordPress. Though I talk a lot about building WordPress themes, I also speak on plugins and general WordPress usage.

One of the cool things about about this site is I’m making it an all-around resource for those who build websites with WordPress. I offer free and paid downloads as well as make recommendations for WordPress related products that I think are useful.

Personally, I think it’s an awesome idea for you to go check it out and tell me what you think about it. That’s the best idea I’ve ever come up with, actually. Do it.

Build WordPress Yourself