No More @sdavismedia on Twitter (no more social media)

No big deal… I’m just tired of using it the way I have been. Likewise, I don’t care to take some kind of self-improvement approach to change the way I use it. Unfollows, mutes, and all of that jazz is a waste of my time.

My personal Twitter account goes where Facebook went almost two years ago… in the history books.

I still have @volatylwp and @buildwpyourself. They’re focused, obviously. It’s not hard to find me, especially if you’re here already.

Also, I like Skype. sdavis2702

Talk soon.

Edit – April 2017

No more social media period. No, nothing happened. Yes, I am fine. I’ve just grown out of the social media era. I honestly feel like everyone else will too. I’m just not the type to ignore my feelings on it and wait for the masses to shift.

Reach out to me if you want to talk to me. You know… like the old days.