Thin Line Between Mine and Not Mine

If you didn’t already know, I work for Sandhills Development, LLC, formerly Pippins Pages, LLC. This is the parent company for dope shit like Easy Digital Downloads, AffiliateWP, Restrict Content Pro, and more.

I spend most of my time on Easy Digital Downloads since that was my initial focus when I was hired back in 2014. I do plan to be more involved with the other projects in the future.

Anyway, before I was hired, I spent most of my time freelancing web development and working on my personal projects, Build WP Yourself and Volatyl Themes. You could consider freelancing my day job and the aforementioned projects my hobby. I call them hobbies based solely on the amount of revenue they generated. Had they been the primary breadwinners, I’d probably change my tone.

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Motivation Running Low

Welp, I definitely didn’t expect to arrive at this point. Motivation, inspiration, all of it… long gone when it comes to web work.

“Long gone” is probably a bit extreme. There’s a chance my feelings could be reversed in the right situation. But right now, shit… I’d rather do just about anything else than sit at my computer all day and jam keys.

I’m not sure if it’s the keys themselves or the reason behind the jamming. But I do know that it doesn’t excite me anymore. I’m pretty sure I know why, too.

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