How to Clear Facebook’s Cache

Have you ever posted a personal URL in a new status on Facebook only to realize the auto-populated information is not what you expected?

Sometimes it grabs an image you don’t like or you realize that the page title has a typo… any number of things can go wrong.

It’s pretty easy to ditch the new status, go adjust your web page, then start over with another status.

The problem is Facebook caches what you’ve posted. So when you try to post the URL again after making your adjustments and you can’t seem to “fix” the original mistake, this is why.

Of course you can’t just clear Facebook’s cache as easily as you can your own. But you can trick them into clearing their own cache for you… and it’s probably easier.

Facebook has a debugger tool that will retrieve all of the latest information about a given web page. All you have to do is provide the URL.

So when you post that URL and see that the information needs to be adjusted, once you make those adjustments to the page, you need to run that URL through the debugger.

When the debugger scans the page, not only will it retrieve the most recent information, it will also update its cache with the new data, effectively clearing its old cache.

With that done, you can go and post the URL like normal and all of your changes will be reflected with the old stuff out of the way. Too easy.

Facebook Debugger Tool

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  1. Thanks so much, Sean! I had tried several different things then finally tried this Facebook Debugger. It worked PERFECTLY! Thanks again!

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