Creatives, where are you most productive?

I’m sitting at my dining room table and I must say, I’m not really in my groove today. In fact, today has been all play so far. It’s fun, but I have shit to do.

I’ve worked everywhere from under the sheets in my bed to my home office to Starbucks and back home in random rooms. Everything seems to be hit or miss, though.

Sometimes I can sit on my couch and code for hours without missing a beat. Other times I sit in Starbucks for 30 minutes of nothingness before I pack up and go home.

Do you work in the same place every time or do you like to find inspiration in your environment based on how you feel on any given day?

Does music play a role? How about sunlight? Standing or sitting? Scheduled breaks?

Share your strategy. I’m starting to feel like the setting is everything.

Author: sdavis2702

I'm a simple guy. I like to code and I like to workout. I'm all about growth and just about everything else is nonsense in my book.

2 thoughts on “Creatives, where are you most productive?”

  1. Sean, I’m kind of like you – I sometimes get restless and I have to try various different locations and “positions” before i find a groove. I worked on a presentation all last night up until 5am today, and I did most of it on my couch.

    Other times I have to go to an independent coffee house (gotta stay away from Starschmucks Sean, support local!) like Thunderbird or Lola Savannah.

    Or sometimes on our kitchen table, countertop or my home office.

    1. I’m at the dining room table right now and I feel like it’s a good place to get some stuff done today. Let’s hope it lasts.

      I’ll support more local joints when I get down south. North Austin is kind of lame.

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