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Here’s the thing… my very first standalone project on WordPress was a freakin’ framework. It was born out of the idea that if I’d be customizing sites for people, it made sense to have a starting point tailored to my style of development.

So I’m very familiar with the idea of doing something once and using it repeatedly to save time and promote consistency throughout my work. And that’s what’s going on here now.

A few days ago, I integrated the awesome Easy Digital Downloads plugin with the default Twenty Fourteen theme from WordPress.

2014 is not the first theme I’ve given the EDD treatment to. I did, however, finally notice that I was doing the same work over and over again for each integration. In fact, I was copying and pasting my own code everywhere I could from theme to theme.

Why not just make a starter theme in the same fashion as my framework? Not in the sense that it’d be packed with options like a framework, but instead giving myself a head start based on my development [integration] style.

That’s exactly what I did with Underscores for Easy Digital Downloads. I took my favorite WordPress starter theme, made all the changes to it that I would normally make when building a standalone WordPress theme, and then fully integrated it with EDD.

Just like with my framework, which was built as a shared first step towards building dozens of unique websites, _s for EDD was designed with the future in mind… rapid deployment of standalone, EDD-ready themes.

I’m definitely about to put it to use. You can too. Enjoy.

Underscores for Easy Digital Downloads

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