It’s all my content and I should be in control of it.

Here’s the thing… the internet is a pretty big part of my life. I’m on it every single day and constantly pushing content to it.

Blog posts, tweets, statuses, images, whatever… I’m always publishing something and much of it gets lost in history. That’s silly.

I was having lunch with friends a few months ago and a buddy of mine planted the idea in my head that I should be in control of it all. He was right and it’s been on my mind since.

I’m thinking about this right now because I just finished importing all of my Instagram photos to this blog as image attachments.

You can’t see them… but they’re here. They’re mine.

How many times have you switched cell phones and lost a picture or two? I have images on blog posts, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Picasa, Photobucket, my personal hard drive, Dropbox, my cell phone, and a million other places. I can’t keep track anymore.

It only makes sense to establish one place as the hub for my content. It needs to serve two purposes, though:

  1. Manage all content in an organized manner
  2. Be available from multiple devices

That’s the new focus. Significant Facebook statuses, which I’ve been known to post, will no longer get lost in my status history.

Images will be saved to my hub first and then uploaded for the world to see.

Who knows… I may go as far finding a tweet importer or a script that pushes some form of WordPress post format to a tweet. Hmmm…

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I'm a simple guy. I like to code and I like to workout. I'm all about growth and just about everything else is nonsense in my book.

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