Never Again

Remember back in the day (or recently, depending on what type of “adult” you are) when you’d wake up with the worst hangover and declare that you’d never, ever drink alcohol again? Well, I’ll never freelance WordPress theme designs again. Never again, I tell you!

Author: sdavis2702

I'm a simple guy. I like to code and I like to workout. I'm all about growth and just about everything else is nonsense in my book.

2 thoughts on “Never Again”

  1. In the words of Bond, James Bond:

    “Never say Never, again!”

    Sooo, just guessing that its was NOT a delightful experience?

    1. Haha freelancing isn’t bad. There’s just a very fine line between enjoying it and hating it… much like drinking. Every once in a while it pushes me to the point where I say I’ll never freelance again. We all know it’s not true, though. 🙂

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